Can You Get A Home Loan With A Judgement

Bad credit mortgage broker. I have a judgement on my name which is now paid but not sure if i will be able to get a home loan approved can you help.

Home Loan With A Judgment How To Get Approved

can you get a home loan with a judgement

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You might find it hard to get a home loan due to your bad credit.

Can you get a home loan with a judgement. Basically there are only two ways for you to get a legitimate loan with poor credit and judgments. Luckily some lenders allow you a home loan but charge a higher interest rate. As the article stated if there is a judgment outstanding against you it may have to be dealt with before you get a mortgage.

The choice is yours. Im happy to discuss this further with you at a time convenient for you. What youre lender will want want quick terms to know.

However you should be aware that a judgement may affect your clear title even if you purchase the home with cash. Negotiations can happen over one call or can take many. Having a debt judgement does not always prevent you from getting a loan.

With a repayment plan youll need to prove that youre sticking to. Self employed borrowers can still get their home loan approved. Bad credit low doc loan.

If you have poor credit and judgments against you getting a loan may seem next to impossible. Yes under certain circumstances you can. But sometimes you have to grind a debt collector down to get to something you can afford.

If you have a home loan they can repossess the home. If the loan was a recourse loan and the value of whatever was repossessed was less than the amount still owed on the loan they can get a. Either pay an extremely high rate of interest or take out a 100 percent secured loan.

If the judgement is paid up this is good news and will mean you can ask for this to be rescinded which is a legal application to the courts. You may also wish to consider clearing some or all of your judgements with part or all of your loan. It is not a condition of our loans that you have to clear any judgements either before or after you take the.

In order to get a mortgage after a judgment youll need to have the judgment vacated satisfy it or make arrangements to pay. Having a judgement doesnt necessarily mean you cant purchase but you do need to be informed about how it may affect your home purchase. Just give me a call.

Do you have a default judgment bankruptcy or part ix on your credit file. I would recommend you talk with a loan officer to explore your options for getting a loan. You can still get the loan through if you are making payments on the judgment consistently but i would try to pay that off quicker too.

A judgement a court ordered nightmare that if not handled correctly can make getting a mortgage loan much more stringent than it otherwise needs to be.

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